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Sound and lighting equipment hire Banksia Grove for all kinds of venues and events

Whether you are in the market to hire or buy multipurpose PA systems, audio systems, Prosound production, stage lighting, general lighting, staging and sound systems for your event you can rely on the creative talents and dedication of the Ashton Admor team. 

Banksia Grove events need careful planning and help from a professional. We have a very large and loyal client base which has been created over the years including major schools, houses of worship, councils and respected pubic, private and corporate organisations. 

Audio and Sound Design Banksia Grove

You could have the best-written speech in the world, but it doesn’t matter if no one can hear it. Without a reliable sound system, your audience can not hear, and your message will fall flat.

If you want to plan a truly exceptional event, you’ll need a sound system that can keep up with the job. Here’s our guide on choosing the best sound system for your event!

We understand that finding the best quality sound system for your event in Banksia Grove can be stressful. There are some key things you should be looking for when it comes to hiring or buying Audiovisual and sound equipment in Banksia Grove.

  • Plan the right choice for your event and location (a good Sound and lighting equipment hire team will asses your situation and offer advice). This includes the type of microphone, what speakers and combination of speakers to use, type of audiovisual combination and the venue itself.
  • The size and placement of your system - a professional will be able to advise you based on your event.
  • Be ready to adjust to any complications that come up, because they will!
  • Make sure that the team you hire have experience in audiovisual design - you might not think it but there is a lot of design that goes into setting up an audio system properly.
  • Communication! Tell your sound technician exactly what you need and make sure to communicate what presenters, speakers or performers will need from a sound system.

With 35 years of experience in Banksia Grove, the Ashton Admor the team will know how to set up your event. Our knowledge in this field is unsurpassed. We deal with all major suppliers across Australia and overseas and our name is very well known and respected within the industry.


Examples of our soundboards and audio setup

Banksia Grove Visual and Lighting

When you are preparing a visual and lighting budget for your event in Banksia Grove, there is a lot more to think about than simply how much money to allocate for theming, lights, sound and vision. To ensure you're getting the most value for money from your events AV design, a solid knowledge of the capabilities of both technology and your audiovisual company are essential. Here are 5 tips of audiovisual for creating a successful event.

  1. Always take note of your event style. Before hiring or purchasing any lighting equipment for an event, the first thing to consider is your lighting plan. The attention to detail makes all the difference between an average and an extraordinary event. It’s advisable to keep in mind the room you ought to light up, and why? One of the biggest disappointments when lighting an event is having equipment that offers you a mismatching results to the event style. For instance, lighting a vintage dinner using LED strobe lights is considered a failure in event lighting industry. When choosing lighting equipment ways make sure you understand the audience. Older audiences will not respond well to strobe lighting; however, a younger audience may wish to have cool FX lights.
  2. Plan your event vision. This should just another addition to your event planning, as mentioned before communication with your audiovisual technician is so important to run a successful event. Discuss themes and images with your key staff and audiovisual team.
  3. Think digital. Discuss with your visual company about methods to digitally enhance your event. Understand what design and creative support the audiovisual company offer and whether the in-house designers have the skills to shepherd you through the concept creation, implementation and delivery.
  4. Ask lots of questions! Never be afraid to ask questions, a good company will never shy away from answering all your questions.
  5. Aspect ratio. While your budget will dictate which screen you choose, remember to have your speaker's format presentations accordingly.

Get in contact with us today for event lighting and audiovisual hire or purchase in Banksia Grove on 08 9478 3800.



Examples of our Lighting work.

Stage and theatre events Banksia Grove

Have play, production or perfrormance coming up in Banksia Grove and need a stage? Wheater you have run 100 events or this is your first event that you are planning it is always ideal to chat to a professional to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the main event. 

If you are looking to hire staging, we offer everything from low risers to high catwalk stages, small stages, to large stages for big audiences. We offer a full set-up and break-down service. As well as full lighting set up and sound set up for any of your event. 

Because the stage is the center of any event, it plays a great part in the success of your function. With our eye for detail and strict safety protocol for hire that are nothing less than outstanding.

Our products are renowned for their quality and versatility. They are made from first-rate materials, ensuring that they last and that they deliver, whether your event features a lone speaker or a crowd. Because our catwalks and stages for hire are reinforced with a highly reliable support system, you can confidently stand, walk, or even dance on them.

Some other great companies that we work wit in Banksia Grove:

Every event has unique needs. There is simply is no 'cookie-cutter option'. Whether your next event is a corporate presentation, trade show, annual gala, awards evening or exhibition - Ashton Admor has the experience to help you put on a great show!



Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd