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Front of House Curtains
Pelmets and Drapes



front curtain, also known as a house curtainact curtaingrand drapemain drape or main rag, is the stage curtain or curtains at the very front of a theatrical stage also known as the Proscenium Arch

Typically, the front curtain is opened at the beginning of a performance to reveal the stage set and closed during intermission and at the end of a performance.  The most common material for the front curtain is a heavy velour material, often with pleated fullness sewn into the fabric to create a more opulent appearance.

They also act as an acoustic barrier, a characteristic achieved via the materials used in production.

There are several types of house curtains, which vary in construction, operation, and cost.  Depending on a curtain's type, its fabric may be flat or pleated, and it may drape, hang, or do both.  Some types open by rising into the fly space above the stage; other types travel horizontally, or travel vertically but gather near the proscenium top and thus do not require a fly space. Some require mechanical power to operate whereas others may be operated by a person, by pulling an operating line (a rope) or directly pulling the curtains.

red stage curtain The Traveller Curtain or draw curtain, is composed of two sections of curtain suspended from a traveller track, allowing the curtain to part in the middle and pull offstage into the wings. This type of grand drape is used when there is insufficient fly space to permit lifting the curtain, or when there is some design or visual value to having the drape move horizontally rather than vertically.

The Fly Curtain is used in large theatres where there is a fly system - a cavity above the stage with a mechanical system to raise and lower objects - and when the production design calls for a vertical reveal of the stage and it's contents. Decorative fabrics are most often chosen and a lining fabric is usually sewn to the back to assist with the opacity of the drape.

The Contour curtain is designed to be gathered vertically when raised by a counter weight system in order to expose, or close, the stage.  This can create the effect of a fly curtain in a theatre where there is no fly space.  Typically made of a light weight fabric with at least 200% fullness, each line of the contour curtain can be raised individually or simultaneously.

austrian curtains The Brail and Austrian (aka puff curtain) are manufactured similarly to the contour but have only 50% fullness horizontally.  While the brail has no vertical fullness the "puffs" or "smiles" of the austrian curtain are created by adding 100% sewn in vertical fullness.

The Tab or Tableau curtain is made in two halves much like the standard traveller curtain.  However, by means of lines and rings sewn diagonally to the drapes on the back side, each half of the drape can be raised diagonally creating a draped opening.  


Front of House Curtain Fabrics


This fabric is available in a variety of theatrical colours and weights and is mainly used for drapes.


This fabric is mainly used for drapes or masking and has excellent acoustic properties. It comes in a range of theatrical colours and weights.


Turo Molton
Our Turo Molton is a great quality brushed cotton used for curtains or masking. It is 3m wide and 320gsm.


Our Velveteen is a great quality mid weight fabric which is used for curtains and masking. It is 1.5m wide and 300gsm.


This low cost fabric drapes beautifully and comes in a range of colours.





Scenery Logistics
We can organize all your scenery needs including building scenic art, transport and storage.


Drape Hire
We have a select range of drapes for hire including Sequins, Velvet, Wool and Black & White Scrims.


Theatre and Studio Sewing
We have an experienced team of 5 machinists who know all there is to know when it comes to sewing for the theatre, television & event industry.


Theatre Fit Outs, Refurbishments and Stage Rigging
Our team of highly experienced theatre riggers can replace or refurbish all types of stage equipment including counter weight systems and motorized & hand operated winches.


Stage Equipment Repairs and Servicing
Our experienced service crew will come to your venue to inspect & repair all types of stage equipment. We can do this on an agreed regular basis or we are happy to deal with your issues on a one off basis.


Manufacture and Installation of Drapes and Tracking Systems
Our fully equipped sewing workshop can manufacture all types of stage drapes in all types of theatre fabrics. We will provide onsite measuring & advice and then install your new drapes on our magnificent Revpro™ theatre tracking system.


Stage Equipment Advisory Service
Allow our highly experienced staff of theatre riggers & technicians to guide you and advise you on the best solutions for your venue.


Ashton Audio can consult, prepare a proposal and arrange the manufacture and installation of all your stage curtain, machinery and support facilities. 



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