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Cyclorama Curtains




cyclorama is a large curtain or wall, often concave, positioned at the back of the stage area.  It was popularized in the German theater of the 19th century and continues in common usage today in theaters throughout the world.   A "cyc" (US theatrical abbreviation) can be made of unbleached canvas (larger versions) or muslin (smaller versions), filled scrim (popularized on Broadway in the 20th century), or seamless translucent plastic (often referred to as "Opera Plastic").  Traditionally it is hung at 0% fullness (flat).  When possible, it is stretched on the sides and weighted on the bottom to create a flat and even surface.  As seams tend to interrupt the smooth surface of the cyclorama, it is usually constructed from extra-wide material.


As the name implies, it often encircles or partially encloses the stage to form a background.


An infinity cyclorama (found particularly in television and in film stills studios) is a cyc which curves smoothly at the bottom to meet the studio floor, so that with careful lighting and the corner-less joint, the illusion that the studio floor continues to infinity can be achieved.  Cycloramas or "cycs" also refer to photography curving backdrops which are white to create no background, or green-screen to create a masking backdrop.

Cycloramas are often used to create the illusion of a sky onstage.  By varying the equipment, intensity, colour and patterns used, a lighting designer can achieve many varied looks.  A cyclorama can be front lit or, if it is constructed of translucent and seamless material, backlit directly or indirectly with the addition of a white "bounce" drop.  To achieve the illusion of extra depth, often desirable if one is re-creating a sky, the cyclorama can be paired with a "sharkstooth scrim" backdrop.  A dark or black scrim, by absorbing the extraneous light which is commonly reflected off the floor of the stage from the acting areas, can help the lighting designer achieve deeper colors on the cyclorama.  Cycloramas are also often illuminated during dance concerts to match the mood of a song.

Occasionally, the cyc may be painted with a decorative or pictorial scene to fit a specific show; these are generally referred to as backdrops.




This fabric is available in a variety of theatrical colours and weights and is mainly used for drapes.


This fabric is mainly used for drapes or masking and has excellent acoustic properties. It comes in a range of theatrical colours and weights.


Turo Molton
Our Turo Molton is a great quality brushed cotton used for curtains or masking. It is 3m wide and 320gsm.


Our Velveteen is a great quality mid weight fabric which is used for curtains and masking. It is 1.5m wide and 300gsm.


This low cost fabric drapes beautifully and comes in a range of colours.




Nessel Canvas
This canvas is available in a range of widths – 3.2m, 4.2m, 5.2m, 6.2m and 10m. It is 200gsm which is perfect to use for scenic painting and can be dyed.


Bleached Nessel Canvas
This fabric is great for rear lit backdrops, cycloramas or projections. It is 6m wide, 200gsm and flame retarded.


Filled Cloth - White
This fabric is suitable for backdrops, cycloramas or projections. It can be painted or dyed. It is 9.2m wide and 250gsm.


Most commonly used for a bleed through effect this fabric has the unique capabilities, when lit correctly from the front, to appear opaque and when lit from the rear to appear transparent. With its rectangular dense weave it can be dyed or painted without reducing the effectiveness. It comes in 80gsm white or black and 9.75m and 12m widths.


Other Fabrics:
Chromakey Green & Blue Canvas Calico Mechano Silk Satin Lycra Sheer Voile Sequins



Scenery Logistics

We can organize all your scenery needs including building scenic art, transport and storage.


Drape Hire

We have a select range of drapes for hire including Sequins, Velvet, Wool and Black & White Scrims.

Theatre and Studio Sewing

We have an experienced team of 5 machinists who know all there is to know when it comes to sewing for the theatre, television & event industry.

Theatre Fit Outs, Refurbishments and Stage Rigging

Our team of highly experienced theatre riggers can replace or refurbish all types of stage equipment including counter weight systems and motorized & hand operated winches.

Stage Equipment Repairs and Servicing

Our experienced service crew will come to your venue to inspect & repair all types of stage equipment. We can do this on an agreed regular basis or we are happy to deal with your issues on a one off basis.

Manufacture and Installation of Drapes and Tracking Systems

Our fully equipped sewing workshop can manufacture all types of stage drapes in all types of theatre fabrics. We will provide onsite measuring & advice and then install your new drapes on our magnificent Revpro™ theatre tracking system.

Stage Equipment Advisory Service

Allow our highly experienced staff of theatre riggers & technicians to guide you and advise you on the best solutions for your venue.

Ashton Audio can consult, prepare a proposal and arrange the manufacture and installation of all your stage curtain, machinery and support facilities. 



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