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  • NEBULA+by+THEATRELIGHT+12+x+13amp+MCB%2C+SCR%2C+Term+Socket

NEBULA by THEATRELIGHT 12 x 13amp MCB, SCR, Term Socket



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NEBULA   by THEATRELIGHT   12 x 13amp MCB's,  SCR's,   Term/Socket

Nebula - Digital Dimmer

The Nebula digital dimmer provides a wide range of features accessed through an easy to use LCD display and intuitive menu system. Each dimmer in the Nebula may be patched to any DMX channel, allowing multiple loads such as cycloramas to be controlled efficiently from one DMX channel. The wide range of automatic input voltage and frequency sensing means this pack will work on any mains supply in the world, making it the ideal dimmer pack for touring as well as for permanent  installation

It is available in a variety of different channel and output configurations, and can be customised to order. In adddition to the normal Dimmer software the Nebula is also available in a 64 scene Stage Scenes software version, and an Environmental software version for control by intelligent wall plates or by building management computer.Large 4 line, 20 character auto dimming blue LCD display

  • Programmable DMX Start, DMX Patch, and DMX Fail modes
  • Any dimmer (or all dimmers) may be patched to any DMX channel
  • Individual Min, Max, Switch Off, and Test levels per dimmer
  • Individual Proportional Level and Soft-start Time per dimmer
  • Individual Dimmer Curve/Non-Dim setting per  dimmer
  • All dimmer parameters held in non-volatile flash memory
  • Isolated DMX input, 1/10th standard RS-485 load
  • Ideal for Theatre and Televison Studios
  • Software versions for Environmental or Stages Scenes lighting
  • 12 channel and 6 channel models available
TLNEB1210 Nebula, 12x13 amp MCBs, Terminals/Sockets, SCRs


Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd