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  • MINIM+Dust+Cover+Hard+wearing+fabric+Logo+screened+on+top

MINIM Dust Cover Hard wearing fabric Logo screened on top



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MINIM OPTIONS - Dust Cover Hard wearing fabric Logo screened on top


The MINIM has been specifically designed to compliment the maXim range, filling a void for the entry level user both in features and price. Attractively styled and utilizing the familiar programming and playback system popular on all LSC desks, the MINIM delivers a very easy to use platform with quick access buttons to all major functions – no menu driven systems.



  • Two banks of faders labeled 1-12 and 13-24, in a typical two preset configuration for setting up general lighting looks and manual operation.
  • Three preset masters labeled Red, Yellow and Grab.
  • Flash/Assign pushbuttons with integral indicator LED for each of the 24 preset faders and each of the 3 masters.
  • Add/Solo button with Flash level master.
  • A page button with three LED indicators to show current page.
  • Three rotary knobs labeled Audio level, Speed and Crossfade.
  • Pushbuttons for selecting Memory Run, Memory Preview, Memory Edit, Function Select, Back, Forward, Stop Step, Bounce, Random, External trigger,
  • Delete step, Add step, Record Scene, Record Chase, Console Operation Mode and Playback Page.
  • A Bass-Step-Chase facility for the triggered synchronization of Chase steps with the regular repetitive beat of an audio source.
  • An external trigger input for the remote stepping of chase sequences.
  • Integrated power supply factory selectable for 110V or 240V operation.
  • Optional external pluggable memory module that can store and load four shows.
  • Optional 19" rack mounting brackets.
  • Software upgradeable via mLINK.
  • Slim line construction, with heavy duty compressed rubber sides, strong metal chassis with durable polycarbonate rear-screened outer panel.
  • CE and Ctick approved.



Output Channels


Fader Channels Normal Mode


Fader Channels Wide Mode












Chase speed 0-999 BPM
Page Freeze Yes
Fade times 0-30 seconds
Grab master Yes
Base step Yes
External chase step trigger input (1/4" Phono socket) Yes
"In field" Software upgrade Yes
Product Dimensions:
Height x Width x Depth
Shipping Dimensions :
Height x Width x Depth

90mm x 440mm x 352mm
3.54" x 17.3" x 13.85"

210mm x 580mm x 500mm
8.3" x 22.9" x 19.7"

Product Weight:
Shipping Weight (Australia):
Shipping Weight (except Australia):
6.0kg / 13.2lb
13kg / 29lb



Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd