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HLS02 Intercom and Information Point Audio Induction Loop Driver

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Intercom & Information Point Audio Induction Loop Driver



The HLS02 is a small area coverage audio induction loop driver built for the O.E.M. customer for integration into communication systems such as help points, refuge points, car park barriers and drive throughs.

It is backed by Amptronic’s 5 year warranty and free technical support. With 2 independent balanced transformer isolated inputs (low impedance speaker and 100V line), superior sound clarity, metal loss correction and a range of power supply voltage options, it is the obvious choice for any quality intercom system.


N.B. The HLS02 solution may require a detailed application review by Ampetronic to ensure optimum operation in your application.


  • Area coverage to >30 m2
  • Low lifetime cost 
    Excellent reliability 
    5 year warranty

  • Simple integration
    Power supply options – 12 V to 18 V DC or 36 V to 60 V DC

  • 2 transformer isolated inputs – 
    100 V line and low impedance speaker

  • Metal loss correction 
    3 dB / octave

  • Unrivalled intelligibility

  • Free technical support

  • Also available as PCB only

  • Intercom systems for all environments:
    - Help points
    - Door entry systems
    - Car parks
    - Security barriers
    - Drive throughs
    - Refuge points
    - Toll booths

  • Information points

  • Interactive exhibits

Power Options:

The HLS02 is supplied in 2 DC voltage versions:


Nominal supply voltage

15V DC

Voltage range

12-18V DC


T1.6A L

Power consumption

9 W
Nominal current 550 mA
Quiescent current 60 mA
Peak current (2.1A rms audio) 1100 mA


Nominal supply voltage

48V DC

Voltage range

36-60V DC


T630 mA L

Power consumption

9 W
Nominal current 180 mA
Quiescent current 30 mA
Peak current (2.1A rms audio) 360 mA


Loop Ratio Adaptor

5:1 ratio gives >15 A into single turn loop
Weight: 340 g
Ratio can be tailored to the application.


Standards Compliance:

The HLS02 is CE marked to all relevant safety and EMC standards. 
The HLS02 will meet the requirements of IEC118-4 and the relevant recommendations of BS7594 if specified and installed according to Ampetronic instructions.


Ashton Audio in conjunction with Ampetronic can design your induction loop system for you.  Simple induction loop designs are free, complex array systems will be charged for at a nominal rate.  You can request a design through our 'Contact Us' Enquiry Form.





Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd
Ashton Admor Pty Ltd